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Purpose of our services: based on the people at the service of active service
Service mode
  Of entire automobile factories or automobile chassis factory: new models of test equipment service personnel stationed during on-site technical service and assembly debugging, technical training, service personnel, maintenance and technical training according to the OEM requirements. OEMs and end customers, foreign service personnel on a regular basis to carry out regular user satisfaction surveys. To understand the quality of customer service on the Coleman Company.
 To the customer: according to customer needs, undertake new on-site technical training, guidance on the use of maintenance method. Two is to rely on our foreign service personnel, office, Ronald Koeman company service station and the host plant grid service station. We put forward " service processing timely rate of 100%" performance indicators, the maximum to meet customer needs.
Service commitments
1.A promise: customer normal use and maintenance of the premise, I promised the customer shelf life of one year (excluding wearing parts).
2, the commitment to quality: the quality problems that occur when the normal use of the warranty period, my company free of maintenance and replacement parts has hurt the shelf-life problems, I pursue life-long maintenance.
Aftermarket parts promise: I received the information of customer demand for accessories and confirm, in principle, ensure that the accessories to the customer's hands within 24 hours, while my company after-sales service engineers dedicated service.
4, General Services: company stationed engineers to OEMs spot guidance loading; new car delivered to the bus company, Coleman will work with the bus company, maintenance, occupants and maintenance personnel training, proper use and maintenance products
In short, to customer demand-oriented, to make every effort to protect the customer's normal requirements of our customer service goals.
  Comprehensive network of serviceson Haike Man company has a comprehensive network of services, and has set up regional offices in the east, north, southwest, south China, and sent a resident sales and service personnel. Established throughout the country the past two years, more than 30 service stations and parts distribution system. If there are problems, our service staff will be the first time at the scene, and troubleshooting for you. If the user has the accessories need to purchase, either through our accessories sales network, you can also directly call the company headquarters. We will arrange for you the most convenient shipping method. Allows users to timely obtain the desired accessories.
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