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Future demand for stabilization of logistics vehicles 2012-1-11
King trip to the Singapore market force bus orders for a steady stream 2012-1-11
Hengtong Bus pure electric bus Appreciation fast charge-cum-New Tasting 2011-11-9
The Kinglong 172 passenger export Malta to create a Chinese passenger to 2011-8-30
Beijing government blocked the New Deal, buyers need to Yaohao 2011-8-3
Development and Reform Commission: "12" is expected to levy green taxes 2011-4-28
Experts say commercial vehicles 2 billion threshold for the New Deal have limited impact 2010-10-21
China's push vehicle management initiatives to improve the sleeper bus equipment standards 2010-9-28
Higer lead Suzhou automotive industry Baotuan development 2010-8-23
Parts and components industry urgent enhance the the the construction of of the independent 2010-7-16
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